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Thermosteel Water Bottles from Milton: Keep Beverages Hot or Cold

Explore the world of Thermosteel water bottles in our comprehensive blog. Discover the magic of maintaining ideal beverage temperatures, be it a steaming brew or a refreshing drink. We unveil the secrets of these insulated wonders, enhancing your hydration experience wherever you go

  • Premium Construction: Built with stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity for daily usage.

  • Enhanced Temperature Retention: Inner copper coating amplifies temperature retention, keeping beverages hot or cold for up to 24 hours.

  • Usage Guidance: Pre-condition the bottle with hot water for hot beverages and cold water for cold drinks for optimal performance.

  • Preservation of Taste and Nutrients: Maintains the taste and nutritive value of beverages, making it an ideal choice for storing drinks.

1. Milton Aura Thermosteel Bottle 1000 ml | 24 Hours Hot and Cold

thermosteel bottle

2. Milton New Crown 600 Thermosteel Water Bottle, 500 ml | 24 Hours Hot and Cold

thermosteel bottle

3. Milton Duo DLX 500 Thermosteel Water Bottle - 24 Hours Hot and Cold, 500 ml

thermosteel bottle


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