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Power Essentials for Every Journey: Power Sockets

Explore our range of versatile power solutions designed to keep you connected wherever you go. From the GM 3060 E-Book Power Strip with 4+1 Sockets, the Portronics Power Plate 5 offering a 1500W Converter with USB Charger & Mobile Holder, to the OREI Universal Travel Adapter, these devices are crafted

1. GM 3060 E-Book Power Strip: Red & White, 4+1 Sockets

Introducing GM 3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Power Strip in a sleek Red & White design. Operating at 240 Volts, it includes a Master Switch, Indicator, Safety Shutter, and 4 International sockets. This extension cord is ideal for powering multiple home appliances, ensuring safety and convenience

2. Portronics Power Plate 5: 1500W Converter with USB Charger & Mobile Holder, 3AC + 3USB Ports, 1.5m Cord

Power Plate 5: Efficient Multi-Task Charging Hub. Equipped with 3 USB Slots + 3 Power Sockets for simultaneous charging. Universally compatible, supporting fast 2.4A charging for quick and efficient power-ups. Includes in-built Smart Chip for safe charging of various devices, up to 1500W load capacity

3. OREI Universal Travel Adapter: 3-in-1 Charger for Worldwide Travel

OREI Universal Travel Adapter: 3-in-1 Charger for Worldwide Travel. Equipped with 2 USB Ports for convenient device charging. Perfect for travelers, compatible with cell phones, tablets, cameras, and more in US, Europe, UK etc. OREI M7 Universal Charger: A compact 3-in-1 travel adapter with 2 USB ports, supporting up to 3 device connections at once. Compatible with most plug types across the globe, excluding South African Type M. Ideal for charging phones, laptops, and cameras during travel. Works in various regions including Europe, UK, Australia, USA, and more. Specifications: AC Input Max. 6A 250Vac, USB Output: 5V (Max: 1x 2100mA, 1x 1000mA), Socket Output: AC 110~250V - Max 6A. Comes with a 5-year warranty from OREI. Note: Does not convert voltage; ensure your devices are compatible with the applicable voltage range.


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