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Enrich your Garden with Top Selling Organic Vermicompost Fertilizers

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Discover the secret to a thriving garden with these top-selling organic vermicompost fertilizers. Elevate your gardening game by enriching your soil with nutrient-rich, eco-friendly vermicompost that promotes vigorous plant growth and abundant yields. Experience the joy of sustainable gardening as you witness healthier plants, vibrant blooms, and bountiful harvests. Elevate your gardening experience today with these organic premium vermicompost fertilizers and embark on a journey towards a greener, more fruitful tomorrow.

1. Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer Manure from TrustBasket For Plants - 5 Kg Green

  • 100% unadulterated Vermicompost

  • Enhance Soil Aeration, Infuse Soil with Beneficial Microorganisms

  • Contains earthworm eggs which may grow into worms

  • Usage: Sprinkle 2 handful once in 20 days on the top of the soil

2. Organic Earth Magic Potting Soil from TrustBasket for Plants - 5 Kg

  • 100% Organic, Devoid of Harmful Chemicals, No Bugs and Odor free

  • Packed with Soil-Enhancing Microbes

  • Abundant in Micro and Macro Nutrients, Boasts Excellent Water Retention

  • Promotes Robust Plant Growth with Natural Antifungal Properties

  • Usage: Water plants if soil is completely dry and add fertilizer after one month

3. Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer from Ugaoo for Plants - 5 Kg

  • Purely natural and organic, free from any added substances.

  • Elevate plant growth with nutrient-rich vermicompost, a natural organic supplement ideal for home gardening.

  • Enhances and aerates soil through entirely natural processes.

  • Crafted to loosen dense soils and amplify water holding capacity.

  • Delight in fine-textured, moist vermicompost enriched with beneficial soil organisms for superior soil nourishment.

  • Usage: Loosen the soil near roots and apply vermicompost near roots once in 30 days and then water plants

4. Organic Potting Garden Soil Mix from Ugaoo for Home Garden Plants - 5 Kg

  • Versatile Garden Soil Blend - Perfect for indoor, outdoor, flowering plants, as well as cacti and succulents.

  • Combination of Nutrient-Rich Red Soil and Cow Manure, both organic sources.

  • Pre-Mixed and Ready to Apply, no additional blending needed.

  • Ideal all-in-one soil solution for vegetables, flowers, and herbs, catering to various planting needs.

  • Tailored Soil Blend crafted for an array of potted plants and bedding varieties.

5. Cow Dung Manure Fertilizers from Ugaoo for Home Garden Plants for - 5 kg

  • Organic Plant Enrichment with Cow Dung Manure - Optimal organic fertilizer for household plants.

  • Premium-grade, Remarkably Efficient Compost Manure for garden and home plants.

  • Completely Natural and Organic, without any additional additives.

  • Ensures excellent porosity and maintains a uniform powdery consistency, fostering organic principles and soil enrichment.

  • Delight in finely-textured dehydrated Cow Dung Powder, fortified with microbial bio-stimulants to bolster disease resilience and cultivate beneficial microflora.

  • Usage: Loosen the soil near roots and sprinkle manure near roots once in 30 days and then water the plants


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