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Breathing Fresh: Discover the Top 5 Live Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification from UGAOO Brand

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

In this article, explore the Top 5 Indoor Plants from the brand Ugaoo. Introducing indoor plants to your home transforms it into a vibrant oasis. Lush foliage adds a touch of nature's serenity, while improving air quality. Enhance aesthetics and promote well-being effortlessly with a variety of low-maintenance plants, elevating both décor and ambiance in your living space.

1. Golden Money Plant Indoor With Self Watering Pot

  • The money plant stands out as an ideal indoor companion, thriving effortlessly in low light conditions. With its remarkable air-purifying prowess, it adeptly eliminates indoor pollutants. Its low-maintenance nature makes it a perfect choice for adorning various spaces, be it the living room, balcony, bedroom, or even hanging baskets. Experience the synergy of a potted live plant.

  • The accompanying pot boasts a self-watering feature, ingeniously designed to collect excess water in a reservoir beneath. Through capillary action, the roots gradually draw in this stored water, ensuring a steady supply to the plant as needed. This unique mechanism reduces the need for frequent watering, rendering it the ideal green companion for your office desk.

  • With its exquisite heart-shaped leaves in a stunning golden hue, this plant is thought to usher in positive fortune and abundance to your home, aligning with the principles of Feng Shui.

2. Lucky Bamboo 3 Layer Feng Shui Plant

  • An effortlessly cared-for and highly favored indoor plant, the Lucky Bamboo stands out as an ideal choice for home embellishment. Rooted in Feng Shui, it's believed to usher luck and prosperity.

  • Maintenance is a breeze, with water changes every 3-4 days ensuring optimal growth. Housed in a glass bowl, it's a live plant that beautifully adorns office desks, living rooms, and bedrooms.

3. Good Luck Jade Plant with Self Watering Pot

  • The Crassula Green Mini, also known as the Jade Plant, thrives on minimal care and can endure neglect, making it an ideal addition to home decor. Its thick-branched stems and petite fleshy oval leaves are associated with bringing luck and prosperity to your home, as per Feng Shui beliefs.

  • The accompanying self-watering pot collects excess water, allowing roots to absorb moisture through capillary action. This intelligent system ensures plants receive water as needed, reducing the need for frequent watering. An excellent choice to grace your office desk with minimal maintenance.

4. Areca Palm Air Purifier Natural Live Plant

  • Infuse your home with tropical allure through the lush greenery of the Areca Palm. Elevate your living room or bedside ambiance with its chic vibrancy. Often overlooked, this palm doubles as an effective air purifier, revitalizing spaces with freshness and brightness.

  • Nurture your Areca Palm by situating it in a well-lit windowsill that bathes in gentle filtered sunlight. It also flourishes in screened patios, hallways, and your living room.

  • This plant reuires in conditions of gentle, indirect sunlight, preferably diffused through blinds or curtains.

5. Philodendron Broken Heart Indoor Plant With Self Watering Pot

  • A plant that excels at both purifying the air and effortless growth. Cultivate this wonderful vining houseplant, distinguished by its lush, dark green heart-shaped leaves.

  • Purifies air and easy to grow. This plant requires Watering on - Every second day.


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